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ferrari History
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Ferrari Today -


Ferrari North America is the exclusive South, North and Central American importer of automobiles. Ferrari Europe is the organization of sales and after sales covering entire Europe. Ferrari Headquarters are located at Maranello, Italy.


Shanghai factory supplies Ferrari cars in markets of Asia Pacific, Africa, and Middle East; it also supports the other well established markets. From 1940, this company has been operating from Maranello and the factory has 45 buildings at 250,000 sq meters of area.


These buildings house around 3,000 workers. Each year, production plant of GT car builds more than 6,400 units. Bridgestone, Bosch, Eldor, Brembo, Valeo, Harman, Pirelli, Getrag, and Delphi are some of the best partners of Ferrari. This leading manufacturer donates various items to charity auction of Telethon.


Ferrari decided to dedicate its cars to the online auction for the first time. To sponsor young team of researchers, Luca di Montezemolo, the Chairman offered his personal GTB Fiorano 599. This brand is also known for its theme park which has several attractions such Formula Rossa, speed of magic, V12, G-Force, the Pit wall, paddock, 20 rides, etc.


Ferrari showcased the wide collection of cars, trophies, and images in its official museum. Ferrari is regularly arranging exhibitions in its museum to offer the exact idea about the journey of Formula 1. Recently, the 458 Italia model was awarded the 2011 World Performance Car of the Year.


As we all know, Ferrari have has won more than 5,000 races worldwide including 8 World championship of Formula 1 constructors, 14 manufacturer’s world titles, 7 wins in Targa Florio, 8 in Mille Miglia, 9 at the Le Mans 24 Hours races, and 113 wins in Grand Prix.


Ferrari History –


On 18 February, 1898, Enzo Ferrari was born and when he was ten, he attended automobile races in Bologna with his father. After attending numerous races, Enzo decided that he wanted to become a racing car driver. Initially he started his career as a mechanic and in 1923, he was appointed as the driver for Alfa Romeo racing team. After a successful career, he manufactured several sports cars which were bearing his name along with his prancing horse badge.


In 1929, Enzo built the Scuderia Ferrari for racing and it was competed in 22 events and this model achieved 8 victories.


In 1940, he left Alfa Romeo and started his new company, Auto-Avio Costruzioni Ferrari. This firm suffered a lot during World War II. The first product of Enzo firm was the Auto-Avio tipo 815. Luigi Chinetti was responsible for the international success of Ferrari as he imported Ferrari vehicles to the automobile market of U.S. including the 166 Inter.


To fulfill the passion, Ferrari combined technology and innovation to produce the Formula One and GT cars. In December 1942, this company got planning permission for the small plant for producing machine tools.


In 1943, Ferrari moved its factory to Maranello.


In 1944, the Auto-Avio Costruzioni became a victim of Word War II.


In 1945, this company was manufactured the powerful 12-cylidner engine.


During 1946, this company was reestablished and the 125 Sport was the first vehicle of this newly-built firm.


In 1947, the 125 Sport first time took a part in race. During this year, Ferrari won Turin GP, Arcangeli Cup, and Roman GP.


In 1948, this company won Summer GP, Mille Miglia, Targa Florio/Sicily Tour, and 12 Hourse of Paris.


In 1949, Ferrari won various competitions like Belgian GP, Dutch GP, Swiss GP, and Italian and European GP.


In 1950, Ferrari worked with genius engineers like Jano and Lampredi on payroll and bodies of vehicles were designed by the well known Pinin Farina. It won German GP and Temporada Argentina.


In 1951, this company noted its first victory with the Ferrari 375 model and in also won British GP.


In 1953, the 357 America introduced in the vehicle market under this brand.


In 1961, the Formula One Championship won by Phil Hill by using the Dino, powerful 1.5-liter v-6 race car. This car was especially dedicated to the son of Enzo Ferrari who died at the age of 24 due to muscular dystrophy.


In 1964, Ferrari experienced some serious financial crisis.


In 1968, this brand entered into the segment of three liters sports vehicle prototype class.


In 1969, Ferrari’s 50 percent share capital sold to the famous Fiat group by Enzo Ferrari.


In 1971, Ferrari launched the flat-12 engine Berlinetta Boxer at the Turin Motor show and in 1976, this car was available in showrooms. In this year, Ferrari 512 model was discontinued.


In 1972, this company established the Fiorano test circuit which was situated next to the production factory.


From 1972 to 1973, Ferrari models such as the 312PB model dominated the famous World Sportscar Championship.


In 1977, this company officially incorporated its designing house, Carozzeria Scaglietti di Modena into the firm.


In 1985, the iconic model of Ferrari, the Testarossa was launched which was generally appeared on posters.


In 1988, the figure of share capital went to 90 percent and on 14 August, 1988, Enzo Ferrari died when he was 90 in Modena. Piero Ferrari became the new vice chairman of Ferrari S.p.A.


In 1991, Luca di Montezemolo took the responsibility Ferrari S.p.A as he became the new chairman.


During 1994 to 2004, Ferrari cars successfully hit the track as Michael Schumacher who raced these vehicles in seven F1 championships.


In 2006, Mario Mairano has been appointed as the Resources and General Secretariat director of this brand.


In 2008, Amedeo Felisa became the CEO of this brand and Ferrari’s 95 percent share capital owned by Fiat Group.


In 2009, Mario Almondo has been the quality director of this company.


In 2007, this company collaborated with the Italian National Olympic Committee, but officially presented in 2008. Roberto Fedeli became has been marketing and commercial director of this company.


In 2008, Stefano Domenicall has been director of Ferrari’s Gestione Sportive and Stefano Lai has been appointed as the communication director. Sebestiano Rio has been appointed as the Industrial director of Ferrari S.p.A.


In 2009, Italo Valenti has been the administration, control and finance director of this company.


In January 2010, Flavio Manzoni has been the design director of Ferrari.



In 2011, Federica Marchionni was appointed as brand director of Ferrari.


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