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ford History
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Ford Today –


Ford Motor Company is a well known American automobile manufacturer, which is based in Dearborn, Michigan. Recently, Ford signed a memorandum with Soller to establish a joint venture in Russia. According to the Ford reports, net income of this company during the first quarter of 2011 is $2.6 billion.


The 2012 Focus Electric and the 2013 C-MAX are the two future automobiles of this brand. Ford owns a small stake in Aston Martin in UK and Mazda in Japan. Ford is responsible for introducing several methods like ‘Fordism’ for maximum production of cars.


According to the annual sales of vehicles in the year 2010, this company was the fifth-largest in the globe and the second largest automobile manufacturer in the U.S. Earlier, Ford was the fifth largest automaker in European market. In the list of 500 Fortune 2010, this company was ranked at the eighth position.


Fourteen automobiles were positioned at the top three positions, while five Ford vehicles were ranked at top of their respective categories in the list of quality survey awards. Headquarters of Ford are located at Dearborn, Michigan. Ford has manufacturing operations in Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Turkey, Republic of China, and the United Kingdom.


It has co-operative agreement with GAZ, Russian automobile manufacturer. Ford is famous for its electric cars, hybrid-electric vehicles, bus products, truck models, tractors, and it manufactured three important series for NASCAR. Ford was also involved in Formula One racing and this automaker has positive history in World Rally Championship.


Ford History –


From 1909 to 1927, Ford manufactured more than 15 million models of T car.


Henry Ford was born in 1863.


In 1896, he ran Quadricycle experimental vehicle on the streets of Detroit.


In 1899, He persuaded investors for Detroit Auto Company as he quit Detroit Edison.


In 1901, He moved back into his father’s house with wife and his son. Later on, he participated in automobile races with his own cars and beats famous race car driver, Alexander Winton. With this win, he attracted several investors to establish Henry Ford Company.


In 1902, after the withdrawal of Ford, this company became Cadillac.


In 1903, Ford Motor Company was founded by well known Malcomson Group.


In 1904, at Beaubien, this company established Piquette Ave plant for production.


In 1906, to become a leading automobile manufacturer in the vehicle market of U.S; Ford overtook some of the popular auto brands such as Buick, Cadillac, and Olds. Henry Ford became the new president and a majority stake owner of this company.


In October 1908, Ford introduced the legendary T model which was built in Piquette Ave. production plant.


In 1909, New York bankers fail to provide the significant amount of cash to Henry Ford, which encouraged General Motors to buy Ford, but this plan failed. In the famous New York to Seattle race, the T model gained first place.


In 1910, Piquette production plant was closed and the assembly of T model was transferred to the other manufacturing plant which was located at the Highland Park.


In 1911, this manufacturer won Selden patent suit and Ford established their first global assembly plant in Manchester.


In 1913, the whole production was shifted to the Highland Park plant.


In 1914, this company announced $5 workday. From 1914 to 1925, the T model was only available in black color.


In 1915, Ford purchased huge land for Rouge manufacturing plant which was located in Dearborn.


In 1917, the two millionth T model Ford rolled off the line.


In 1918, Ford loses Senate race as Democrat.


In 1919, this company takeover minority stakeholders. This auto maker also introduced electric start in T model.


In 1921, the 5-millionth T model was manufactured under this brand.


In 1922, Ford Motor Company takes on Lincoln Motor Company.


In 1924, the 10 millionth T model rolled off.


In 1925, this company launched its first model of pickup and during this year, Ford Germany was established.


In 1927, the production of T model ended on May 26. Ford launched the latest generation of A model, the Rouge complex.


In 1932, the Ford English Model Y and the Ford V8 models were introduced.


In 1933, this brand was placed at third position behind GM and Chrysler.


In 1935, Ford launched the first medium priced automobile under its brand, the Lincoln-Zephyr.


In 1937, this leading auto maker manufactured its 25-Millonth car.


In 1938, the 39 Mercury model was launched as the medium-priced second entry.


In 1939, friends of Edsel Ford impressed with the custom built continental model, the Lincoln-Zephyr and later on, they began manufacturing this model.


In 1941, Ford signed its first UAW deal.


In 1943, Henry Ford was appointed as the new president as Edsel Ford died.


In 1945, after civilian production resumed, Henry Ford was elected as the new president.


In 1946, under Ernest Breech from air corps army and graduate trainees, Henry Ford II started with restructuring plan for company along with former GM executives.


In 1947, Henry Ford died.


In 1948, Ford introduced all-new cars post war in 1949.


In 1950, this vehicle manufacturer again was placed at second position as Ford swept over Chrysler.


In 1954, Ford launched the Thunderbird 55 model.


In 1955, the Continental Mark II 56 model was introduced under Ford brand.


From 1956, sales of Ford Motor Company’s common stock began and in this year, new central office building of Ford opened in Dearborn.


In 1957, this manufacturer launched the Edsel 58 model.


In 1958, Ford introduced the four-seat Thunderbird model


In 1959, the Edsel model discontinued and Ford launched the Galaxie, new 50-millionth vehicle.


In 1960, Henry Ford II was announced as the new chairman of the board and he replaced Robert McNamara, retiring Breech as he resigned to join as a Secretary of Defense in Kennedy Administration. During this year, Ford introduced the Econoline 61 model.


In 1962, Ford takes on Philco Corporation and launched the Mercury Meteor and the Ford Fairplane.


In 1964, the new Mustang Pony model was introduced under Ford.


In 1965, Ford launched the Transit model van with first European transnational design in a vehicle market of Europe. In this year, Ford Bronco 66 model was launched in the U.S. automobile market which was the first Ford Utility or Sport model.


In 1967, Ford of Europe was established.


In 1968, Semon Knudsen from GM was appointed as a new president.


In 1969, Ford reorganized with Henry Ford II as a chairman and Lee Lacocca elected as a president of North America Ford Automobile Operations.


In 1970, Ford established Land Development Ford Motor Company and launched ‘Ford Pinto 71’, sub-compact car.


In 1972, for renaissance center on Detroit waterfront, Henry Ford II declared his plans.


In 1973, the Mustang II was introduced under Ford.


In 1976, Ford launched Ford Fiesta, four-wheel drive sub-compact car in vehicle market of Europe.


In 1977, this company introduced new compact chassis car, ‘Fox’.


In 1978, Ford introduced body-on-frame chassis large cars and still this chassis is used in Lincoln Town, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Ford Crown Victoria. Phillip Caldwell elected as a new president replacing Lee Lacocca who was fired by Henry Ford II. The Ford 150-millionth car worldwide was manufactured.


In 1979, Henry Ford II retired from the post of president and then this post was succeeded by Phillip Caldwell and it obtains initial 25 percent interest in Toyo Kogyo of Japan and later on, this model was named as the Mazda.


In 1980, Phillip Caldwell elected as the CEO and board chairman with Donald Petersen as a chief operating officer and president and during this year, Ford introduced Escort 81 model world car.


In 1982, Ford launched the Ranger 83 compact pickup model. From the post of company officer, Henry Ford II retired. The first model of Jelly-bean styled cars and the 83 Thunderbird and Mercury Cougar model was introduced.


In 1985, Harold Poling was the new president and Donald Peterson was the new chairman of Ford. This automobile manufacturer introduced the new midsize FWD model, Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable 86.


In 1987, Henry Ford died. The Lincoln Continental 88 was introduced under this popular brand. In this year, Ford and a partnership acquired Hertz Corporation.


In 1988, Jr. William Clay Ford and Edsel Ford joined as family members on boards of directors to William Clay Ford.


In 1989, Ford sold Rouge Steel which acquired the Associates and Jaguar cars, financial service company.


In 1990, Harold Poling succeeds as chairman and Jr. Phillip Benton elected as a president. This manufacturer launched the Ford Explorer SUV 91.


In 1992, Ford introduced the Mercury Villager minivan and to manufacture this vehicle, company started a joint venture with Nissan.


In 1993, this company launched the Ford Mondeo, world car in Europe. Alex Trotman elected as a chairman and CEO.


In 1994, Ford introduced the Ford Windstar minivan 94 model.


In 1996, this manufacturer produced 250-millionth Ford automobile.


In 1997, the Lincoln Navigator SUV was launched under this brand and Ford sold heavy-trucking business to Freightliner.


 In 1998, Headquarters of Lincoln-Mercury was shifted to Irvine, CA and company launched the new Focus, compact car in Europe. Edsel Ford II was resigned as a president.


In 1999, Jr. Bill Ford became chairman and Jacques Nasser became CEO and president. In the month of December, the Ford T model was announced as the ‘Car of the Century’ by the panel of 133 automobile journalists and experts.


In 2000, Ford introduced Jaguar S – type and Lincoln LS models were produced under this brand.


In 2001, Nasser resigned from the post of president and Nick Scheele was elected as the new president. Bill Ford Jr. was assumed as the CEO who belongs to the fourth generation of Ford family. In this year, the new retro two-seat Ford Thunderbird was launched by this manufacturer.


In 2002, this company unveiled the last pony car, Mustang 04 model.


In 2003, the Ford F-150 model was redesigned and during this year, the Rouge production plant was redeveloped. To celebrate a 100th anniversary of Ford Motor Company, 43 Vintage T model journeyed across the country.


In 2007, this manufacturer received more number of quality survey awards than any other automobile manufacturer from J.D. Power and Associates.


In March 2008, Land Rover and Jaguar are the former UK subsidiaries which were sold to Tata Motors India for $2.3 billion. During this year, Ford manufactured 5.532 million vehicles. It employed around 213,000 employees at their 90 plants and facilities which are available worldwide.


In 2009, the global revenue of Ford was $118.3 billion. During this year, Ford experienced automobile crisis and dropped its worldwide unit volume directly to 4.817 million.


In 2010, Geely Automobile purchased Volvo from Ford. From this year, this manufacturer discontinued the Mercury brand. The net profit of Ford was $6.6 billion.




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