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honda History
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Honda Today-


Born in Tokyo, Japan on 24th September, 1948, Honda Vehicles is respected by most of the American drivers. Surely, it is because Honda Motors receives excellent reputation when it comes to quality and reliability, an important aspect while buying vehicles. Go through any Honda vehicle reviews and you will likely notice some of common notifications offered by Honda that includes a friendly nature, thoughtful design, attention to safety and better than average fuel economy. Honda is one of the largest auto manufacturers in the auto industries who spread its wings in cars, trucks and bikes section.


Honda Motors are aiming high to reach potential manufacturer in the Indian market. Once they increased the production for Honda vehicles, it will be easy for them to cater good attention from the buyers. Although, the market is huge there are lots of positives points which will grab by them soon. The sales figure for Honda vehicles in the month of 2010 April was 1, 13,697 and for 2011 is 1, 24,799, a tremendous increased to 11,102.


Today, Honda’s is running successfully on the roads with its prominent models include Accord and Civic in their respective classes. Honda today is well know for its rugged SUV, excellent motorcycles with several styles and models, reliable family sedans, spacious minivans, fuel sipping hybrids and even a pickup trucks.


At present it offers products which include Automobiles, Motorcycles, Scooters, ATVs, Electrical Generators, Water pumps, Lawn and Garden equipments, Tillers, Outboard motors, Robotics, Jets, Jet Engines and Thin-film solar cells. They have subsidiaries namely Honda Aircraft Company and Acura.


Honda History-


The history of Honda Motors is fascinating with an unparallel achievement starting with vision of one man named, Soichiro Honda. He was an eminent entrepreneur in Japan, a crazy guy who loved motor vehicles since birth. At the age of fifteen, he joins an auto repair shop and soon the passion grew. Honda’s greatest dream was to become a well known car racer. He dreamed of making a better way by making piston rings and later started its own production. He introduced first economical small motorcycles in 1949 called D-Type Dream. As he loved racing, his company further started making bigger and faster machines that includes two, four, five and six cylinder race bikes and hence won the “Isle of Man”.


Finally, Soichiro got opportunity to construct piston for Toyota, which were destroyed in earthquake. Due to the shortage of gasoline during Second World War, Soichiro was not able to develop his car and so he focuses more on 2 cycle motorbikes engines. This marked the beginning of Honda Motor Company who is short period of time nurture with huge heights. The first production from Honda was T360 mini pickup trucks that went sale in 1963, August.


Honda’s global line up in car comprises of Odyssey, CR-V, Insight, Accord, Civic and Fit. The line up production of Honda cars varies by different country. Honda Ridgeline and Acura TL luxury sedan are best examples. The Civic is entire line up for compact cars and is second longest successfully and continuously running nameplate by Japanese manufacturer after Toyota Corolla. Civic in addition with Prelude and Accord was sold in North America till 1990s, when the model line up was extended. Undergoing various changes and generations, the Honda Civic became more larger and upmarket model.


Honda expanded their global production in 2008 in order to meet the demand of customers in small cars in emerging markets of U.S. The maker now is shifting their focus widely in building up fewer sport utility vehicles, minivans and light duty trucks. Honda latter introduced Civic Hybrid, a hybrid electric vehicle in order to compete with rival Toyota Prius, as well as introduces the CR-Z and Insight.


In the first entrance only, the Honda Ridgline (light duty vehicle) won Truck of the Year in 2006, and in the same year redesigned Civic won Car of the Year, this gave double win to the Honda automaker. It is expected that maker is planning to increase the sales of Hybrid in Japan more than 20% from its total fiscal year sale in 2011 that was previously reported as 14.8%.


The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s reported five of their cars in the top ten’s most fuel efficient car introduced from 1984 to 2010. The five models includes 2000-2006 Honda Insight, 1994-1995 Honda Civic Hatchback VX, 1986-1987 Honda Civic Coupe HF, 2006 –present Honda Civic Hybrid and 2010- present Honda Insight. Even the ACEEE has rated the Civic GX model as one of the best greenest car in the American industry.


Besides eminent car maker, Honda is prominent manufacturer in selling the largest motorcycle since it enters the market back in 1955. In 1982, they reached almost 3 million motorcycles production annually and by 2006 it was reduced to 5, 50,000, yet quick pickup in domestic competitors. In 1960s, when it was small manufacturer, they broke out as the best Japanese motorcycle that started exporting in U.S. market. The 2004 Honda Super Cub was one of the best model ever manufacturer by Honda Motorcycle. Honda developed its mechanical skill and thud joined powerful selling manufacturer followed with a model J Benly. In 1953, Honda started producing four stroke single powered motorcycles featured with advanced technical and mechanical changes.


A revolution in the motorcycle industry started in 1958, when automaker introduced C100 Super Club in the American market. This was the first model sold in the US marker that allowed the rider for easy and reliable experience. Here comes the era of CB models such as CA72 (250cc) and CA77 (305cc). With the incoming sales, they started turning towards racing tracks and thus Honda Racing Corporation was formed in 1982. The company thus participated in various races that help them to develop and enhance the existing models. In 1979, Honda entered Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing by its four strokes NR500 and monocoque framed. In 1983, Honda won their first Grand Prix World Championship with 500cc bike driven by Freddie Spencer.


Honda Motors is known for its quality vehicles in every segment, whether it is car, SUVs, trucks, bikes or ATVs. Honda is moving rapidly in green market also by designing best models in order to compete with the Toyota’s popular hybrid car.

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