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maruti History
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Maruti Today –


Maruti Suzuki is the partial subsidiary of famous Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan and this automaker is the largest passenger car company of India, accounting for more than 45 percent of the domestic car market. Suzuki Motor Corporation owns 54.2 percent of Maruti Suzuki.


Suzuki Motor Corporation is the parent company of Maruti and for three decades, it is the global leader in compact and mini cars. It provides a wide range of cars, ranging from entry level Maruti 800 and Alto to Hatchback A star, Ritz, Wagon-R, Swift, sport utility vehicle, Grand Vitara, and sedans S x 4, DZire.


It has been named in the list of National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India. This automobile manufacturer was the first company in India to mass-manufacture in addition to selling approximately a million cars. It is responsible for having brought a vehicle revolution to India. This company is the market leader in India.


Headquarters of Maruti are situated in New Delhi. Automobiles of this popular brand are sold in India and in several other countries. Vehicles which are not produced by Maruti Udyog but are similar to Maruti Suzuki are produced in Pakistan as well as in various South Asian countries and sold by Suzuki Motor Corporation.


The Swift, SX4, Swift DZire, and A-star are produced in Manesar, while Kizashi and Grand Vitara are imported from Japan as completely built units (CBU). All the other remaining models are produced in Gurgaon Plant of Maruti Suzuki. During 2011 January-March, it registered total income of Rs. 102,121 million.


The company annually exports more than 50,000 cars. Maruti has a huge domestic vehicle market in India selling more than 730,000 cars per annum. The production facilities of the company are situated at two locations namely, Manesar, South of Delhi and Gurgaon. Till this date, more than six million cars of this brand are running on Indian roads.


In India, it has two state-of-the-art production facilities and both production plants have total manufacturing capacity of 1,250,000 units per annum. As for now, Maruti is employing around 6,903 people.


Maruti Suzuki offers 14 models namely, Maruti 800, Alto, A-star, WagonR, Estilo, Swift, Ritz, SX4, Omni, Swift DZire, Grand Vitara, Kizashi, and Eeco, Gypsy. The Maruti 1000, Zen, Baleno, Versa, Zen Estilo, Grand Vitara XL7, and Esteem are some of the discontinued models of this brand.


On 25th April 2011, Maruti Suzuki India Limited declared its financial reports for the quarter ending March 31, 2011 and for the whole year 2010-11. During 2011 January-March, it registered total income of Rs 102, 121 million with the growth of 19.19 per cent. By the end of 2013, this automaker plans to improve its production capacity to 1.75 million.


Maruti History –

Maruti Udyog Limited was founded in February, 1981.


R.C. Bhargava was the managing director in 1982 for the company.


In 1983, Mr. Bhaskarudu was appointed as the new managing director of Maruti Udyog Limited.


From 1983, the actual production of Maruti vehicles started out with the Maruti 800 model which was based on the Alto kei model of Suzuki. The Premier Padmini and the Hindustan Ambassador were the only rivals for this brand. In this very same year, the Maruti 800 model was unveiled and till the end of 2004, this car was the largest selling compact-size car of India.


In 1987, Suzuki led to gain its equity to 40 per cent from 26 per cent due to its success of joint venture.


In 1992, the success of joint venture led Suzuki to boosts its equity to 50 per cent.


In 1993, sales figure of this company has reached up to 1, 96,820 models.


In March 1994, it became the first automaker who has manufactured one million automobiles.


In 1995, HDFC, Maruti Suzuki and GE Capital came together to establish Maruti Countrywide.


In 1997, Maruti Udyog Limited became a predominantly government-controlled company.


By the year 1998-99 the automobile manufacturer has improved the existing facilities and expanded its capacity by 1, 00,000 units.  


From 1 January 2000, Maruti Udyog Limited appointed Jagdish Khattar as a new executive director. In September 2000, employees of this company went on an indefinite strike. In the month of October, employees struck their work for about six hours as this automobile manufacturer suspended nine employees.


In February 2001, Maruti Udyog sold 29, 569 units of passenger cars and on the other hand, this automaker sold 37, 490 passenger cars in the month of March. First voluntary retirement scheme of this automobile manufacturer was closed on 23rd October.


In January 2002, Maruti Suzuki established Maruti Finance to boost its bottom line development. In this very same year, Maruti Insurance was launched and till December, this firm succeeded in selling over two million insurance policies. The upgraded generation of Wagon-R model was unveiled this year. The special edition of Maruti 800 model was introduced as the Maruti 800 Special. From this year, Maruti Udyog became the subsidiary of Suzuki.


In June 2003, the BJP-led government arranged an initial public offering of 25 percent of the Maruti. From March 2003, this automaker has sold more than 12,000 units through SBI-Maruti Finance. The new AC version E2 M800 model and the Zen car were launched.


In 2004, it has manufactured more than 5 million automobiles.


During 2005-06, the net sales of Maruti Suzuki were around 1, 20,034 million. In 2005, Maruti Udyog launched the new Alto. In the list of IQS awards 2005, the company was ranked at top position. For staff of Kerala Government, it unveiled several schemes. In Punjab, MUL launched the new Wagon-R.


On 10th May 2007, Indian Government sold its entire shares to financial institutions of India. On 17th September, Maruti Udyog Limited was named as the Maruti Suzuki India Limited. In the month of February, the Manesar facility of Maruti was established with the capacity of 100,000 units per annum. The Grand Vitara model was introduced in this very same year. During 2006-07, the net sales of this company was 1, 45, 922 million.


During 2007-08, this automaker sold 764,842 cars, out of which 53,024 units were exported and net sales of this automobile manufacturer was 1, 78, 603 million.


In 2008, sales figure of Maruti Suzuki India Limited noted was Rs. 4,753.58 crores. Earlier, the Manesar production plant had a manufacturing capacity of 100,000 automobiles per annum but from October 2008, this capacity was modified to 300,000 automobiles per annum.  


In the year 2009, the overall revenue of this company was around US $4.8 billion. For 2008-09, the net sales of Maruti Suzuki was 2, 03, 583 million.


On 24th February 2010, Maruti Suzuki India declared recalling of 100,000 units A-Star hatchbacks to solve the fuel leakage problem. Till 31st March, there were around 341 outlets of Maruti True Value. In this very same year, this company had sold a total of 93,058 automobiles. The net sales of this automaker were 3, 01, and 198 million for the year 2009-10.


As of 31st March 2011, the automaker has 933 dealerships across 666 towns and cities as well in all states and Indian union territories. Including Maruti authorized service stations and dealer workshops; it has approximately 2,946 service stations in 1,395 and towns and cities throughout India. In India, Maruti has 30 express service stations on 30 national highways across 1,314 Indian cities. The Kizashi model was unveiled in the model year 2011. For 2010-11, its net sale figure was registered as 3, 61, 282.

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