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mitsubishi History
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Mitsubishi Today –


Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is the sixth largest automaker in the globe and the fifth largest automobile manufacturer in Japan by global automobile production. Earlier, it was the part of the biggest industrial group in Japan, Mitsubishi Keiretsu and this corporation was established in the year 1970.


Headquarters of this company are situated in Minato, Tokyo. Recently, Takashi Nishioka became the new chairman and Osamu Masuko was elected as the new president of Mitsubishi. The automobile production facilities of Mitsubishi are available in five different countries, Japan, Philippines, United States, Thailand, and Netherlands.


Twelve plants are co-owned in partnership with others. Mitsubishi also has three – engine and transmission production plants, five – R&D centers and 75-subisdiaries, partners and affiliates. Currently, automobiles of this brand are produced assembled and sold in over 160 countries globally. This brand is also famous for its electric automobiles.


Mitsubishi History


In 1917, the origin of this company, Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co Ltd launched the Model A.


In 1934, the company merged with the Mitsubishi Aircraft Company to produce aircraft engines.


In 1960, the first four-wheel compact passenger model, ‘Mitsubishi 500’ was introduced by the Shin Mitsubishi Heavy-Industries.


In 1961, Shin Mitsubishi Heavy-Industries launched the ‘Mitsubishi 360 pickup and the Mitsubishi 360 Van, light passenger four-wheel car as well. 


In 1962, the Colt 600 model was released under this famous brand. The Mitsubishi Minica, light four-wheel passenger model was introduced by Shin Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. In this very same year, the 500 Super Deluxe of Mitsubishi won a class title in the 9th Macau Grand Prix.


In 1963, the new Colt 1000 model was introduced by Shin Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.


In 1964, this company released the Fuso, mid-size truck. The Colt 1000 model won a class title in the 2nd Japan Grand Prix Motor Races. The three Heavy-Industries united into Mitsubishi and Mitsubishi Motor Sales Corporation was formed. The Debonair, high-class passenger model was launched.


In 1965, the Colt 1500 or 800 model was launched under this brand.


In 1966, the Colt Formula 3A car won in the 3rd Japan Grand Prix and in this same year, the light cab-over four-wheel truck, Minicab of this brand was also launched.


In 1967, the Colt IIA model won in the 4th Japan Grand Prix.


In 1968, the Colt FIIB won the Japan Grand Prix Speed Cup Race. The 3rd Australian Southern Cross Rally was won by the Colt 1100F Sport.


In 1969, the vehicle division was formed into the operational headquarters for automobiles. The Delica, commercial cab-over-type model was introduced. The Colt Galant was launched under this brand.


On 22 April 1970, the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation was established. The automaker started a joint venture with Chrysler on the initial basic contract. In this very same year, the new Colt Galant GTO model with the DOHC Saturn 4G32 engine onboard was unveiled.


From 1971, sales of the Dodge Colt model began in the vehicle market of North America. The Galant Coupe FTO was introduced under this brand. The Colt F2000 won the famous auto race, Japan Grand Prix.


In 1972, the Emperor’s Cup, the All-Japan Soccer Championship was won by Football club of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The Minica F4 was introduced with the Vulcan 2G2 engine.


In 1973, the Lancer model was launched under Mitsubishi. The 21st East African Safari Rally was won by the 16L Galant HT GS. The 1600GSR Lancer model won the all titles in the 8th Australian Southern Cross Rally. A deal was signed for technical assistance on the powerful 4G36 engine with the Hyundai Motors. Annual production of Mitsubishi has grown to 500,000 automobiles.


In 1974, Mitsubishi won the marathon race with the newly-developed, Lancer 1600 GSR.


In 1976, the ‘M.M’ mark was attached as a symbol to all new products. The Galant Lambda and the Galant Sigma models were unveiled under this brand. The Galant was sold as the Chrysler Scorpion in the vehicle market of Australia.


In 1977, the new production plant, Okazaki was completed and its Europe office was also established. The first Mirage bowl was held by Mitsubishi.


In 1978, the new Mirage model was launched by this leading automaker. Annual production of this company increased from 965,000 units.


In 1979, Shiga-the Kyoto production plant was ready to manufacture vehicles of this brand. The total production number of cars exceeds one million per annum.


In 1980, the Eterna Sigma and Galant Sigma were launched with the independent rear-wheel strut-type suspension. Finally, annual production of this automaker reached one million cars per annum. From this year, this company began to compete in the WRC with the Lancer EX2000 Turbo model.


In 1981, the EX1800 Lancer Turbo model with the gasoline-turbo engine was introduced. In this very same year, Mitsubishi Motor Sales America was established.


In 1982, Mitsubishi used its MMC mark as the front emblem for all newly manufactured cars. The Cordia and Tredia were unveiled. This automobile manufacturer also launched the Starion and the Pajero models. Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation owned 10 percent stake in Hyundai Motor. For the first time, this brand was introduced in the automobile market of America.


In 1983, the Pajero model rook part in famous Paris-Dakar rally for the first time and won the unmodified production class title. In the Marathon racing, it won at first and second place. In fact, this Pajero model won the best team award for the Triple Crown. The Chariot along with the new generation of Eterna Sigma and the Galant Sigma models were unveiled. To start a joint national business for car, the Heavy Industries Corporation of Malaysia, Mitsubishi Corporation, and the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation signed a deal.


In 1984, the parts depot, test lab, and design center in Cypress, California were completed. The class title was won by the Starion 4WD model in the Milles Piste Rally which was held in France.


In 1985, the Pajero entered in the 7th Paris-Dakar Rally and won the overall title. Chrysler and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries agreed to cancel and terminate the contract on the joint venture of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. Its Beijing office was established in this very same year.


In 1986, Mitsubishi Corporation owned 6 percent stake and the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation acquired 19 percent stake in CMC Company Limited, Taiwan. The Debonair V model was released.


In 1987, the Galant model was voted as the 87-88 Japan Car of the Year. The new three-door hatchback, Mirage was launched. During this same year, it sold 67,000 vehicles in United States.


In 1989, the Minica model was introduced and the Mitsubishi Motors Europe was established. The Mitsubishi Auto Gallery was established at the Okazaki-Nagoya plant in which popular Mitsubishi models were exhibited. In this very same year, the VR-4 Galant won the overall titles in RAC rally and in the WRC1000 Lake Rally. Hirokazu Nakamura elected as the new president of this company.


In 1990, the Minica Toppo, the GTO, and the Diamante were unveiled. The Sigma and the Diamante were voated as the 90-91 Japan Car of the Year. All operations of football club were shifted to Mitsubishi Motors Corporation from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.


In 1991, the new generation of Pajero and the RVR models were introduced. The Dutch Government, Volvo of Sweden, and the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation resolve a production plan for joint passenger car.


In 1992, the Pajero finished at first, second, and at the third place in the Paris-Cape Town Rally’s overall category. The Eterna, Emeraude, Debonair, and the Galant were introduced under this brand. The very first generation of the Lancer Evolution was launched in this same year.


In 1993, Chrysler sold its stock holdings of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.


In 1994, the Libero EV, Delica Spacegear, Pajero Mini and the FTO models were introduced. The FTO model was voted as the 1994-95 Japan Car of the Year.


In 1995, the Gasoline Direct Injection engine was developed by Mitsubishi and the mass production of the Carisma began at Netherlands Car.


In 1996, the new research and development firm was established in America and in the same year, the Tama design center was found. The Galant, Challenger, Charisma, and the Legnum models were unveiled. The Legnum and the Galant were voted as the 96-97 Japan Car of the Year. In this very same year, the large truck plant of Mitsubishi manufactured 8,700 units.


In 1997, for the production of compact SUV, a deal with Pininfarina of Italy was reached and the joint venture was established to produce engines in Shenyang, China. In November, Katsuhiko Kawasoe became the new company president. In September, Mitsubishi closed its Thai factory.


In 1998, this company declared its new slogan, -‘Limono Nagaku’. In the same year, the special edition of a Jeep was unveiled. The Mirage Dingo and the Pajero iO models were launched.


From 1999, this automaker has been allied with the PSA Peugeot Citroen to develop diesel engines.


In 2000, the latest generation of GDI-CVT was developed. In this year, this automobile manufacturer was going through recall and cover-up scandal. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation signed a deal with DaimlerChrysler.


In 2001, Rolf Eckrodt was named as the new CEO and COO. The small description of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Turnaround Plan was declared. From this year, the campaign of new History began. The Airtrek and the ‘eK Wagon’ models were released. This company declared its plan to start a joint venture with the DaimlerChrysler in Germany.


In 2002, Rolf Eckrodt was elected as the new president and CEO and Takashi Sonobe was appointed as the new chairman of Board. The new generation of Colt was introduced. Mitsubishi Motor sales Europe was incorporated into the Mitsubishi Motor Europe.


In 2003, Headquarters of this company was shifted to Shinagawa. The Grandis was launched under this brand.


In 2005, Mitsubishi has been again allied with PSA Peugeot Citroen to develop the Citroen C-Crosser SUV and Peugeot 4007 models. In October, the Mitsubishi 380 model was introduced in the Australian market.


In 2006, this automaker introduced its award-winning i kei model.


During 2007, this company was employing 33,202 people.


In 2008, this automobile manufacturer tied for producing up to 160,000 SUVs for Russian market.


In the year 2009, the overall revenue of this automaker was ¥1,445,616 million and the net income was ¥4,758 million.


In January 2011, this automaker declared new mid-term business project to launch the eight battery-powered and hybrid models by 2015. Mitsubishi aims to sell its first two plug-in hybrids models by fiscal 2012.

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