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We have seen a lot of fast moving four-door cars. However, the latest Audi S6 proves to be an exciting combination of spacious interiors along with the capacity to achieve high speed in all weather conditions. We have witnessed three editions of the S6 till date but most have made sudden appearances and had reduced life spans.

The mission of the Audi S6 has always been to provide extra features to the Audi A6, which is already a very special car. It has usually put extra power into the car, provided it with sportier suspension along with brakes and wheels that are tuned for high performance. The Audi S6 has always offered abundance of luxury that we have come to expect from an Audi. Dimensionally being in the mid-sized bracket, it also enjoys the advantage of being able to seat multiple passengers. Since the Audi S6 has always laid tremendous focus on performance, the quality of its ride is not as serene and smooth compared to say, the Audi A6.

The S6 has always been known to have a tradition of bringing about a quantum jump in its performance from one variant to the other. The first Audi S6 offered maximum power of 227hp which increased to 340hp in the second generation and again to 435hp in its third model.

The latest Audi S6:

The latest Audi S6 comes forth as the high-performance variant of the new launched A6 sedan and gets its power from a 5.2L V10 engine sourced from Lamborghini. Though the engine has been retuned a bit, it still offers a similar  maximum power of 425hp and a peak torque of 398lb-ft. a six-speed auto transmission system has been provided to the vehicle, which has also been given the all-wheel drive feature from Quattro that is slightly biased at 40/60 towards the rear. Though the pedigree of the Audi S6 sounds very impressive, the car has turned out to be quite disappointing. Audi has claimed that the S6 would take around the 5 second mark or just above to reach 60mph from standstill, but on road testing it was found to take 5.7 seconds. This has made it even slower than the high-end Audi A6 3.0T.

Handling Aspect:

The Audi S6 suffers from a disadvantage in its handling aspect as well. A huge component of its weight (59%) is concentrated over its front tires that results in a lot of under steering. The ride of the car is also not very smooth as its sportier suspension added to its standardized 19-inch wheels is not capable of handling rough roads. Most other cars that belong to the same class do not face this problem. However, one good aspect is that the consumers have been given the option to choose 18-inch wheels.

The Interiors:

Though the driving and handling aspect of the Audi S6 has faced criticism, it is hard to find any fault in its cabin. The cabin has been trimmed using aluminum and leather and further accentuated using birch wood. The Audi S6, therefore, has been designed adequately to maintain the tradition of superbly crafted interiors that Audi provides. The sportier front seats have been bolstered sufficiently and provides excellent support to the passengers even when the car is being driven aggressively. Sufficient space has been provided to its interiors and four passengers can comfortably travel long distances on this car. Having recently upgraded its MMI electronic controls, the high technological features that have been provided in the car can be used in an easier manner.

The Audi S6 cannot be considered to be a bad car. Rather, it is a cheaper car compared to the other vehicles available in its class including the M5 and the AMG. However, this reduced price will not prove to be a huge advantage for this car, especially because consumers that go for this segment of cars do not mind paying a little more for getting a much better performance.

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